Turbosound Club DJ or Band setup

Save with this great value package – usually $260 per night.  Will cover up to 400 people  

A super versatile and powerful system that will be sure to serve your needs when you need things to be powerful, loud and clear!  The 2 x 15" tops for this setup are LOUD but deliver a crystal clear sound output while the subs are punchy and able to deliver a big bass hit when needed.  

Can also be set up as a Bluetooth system too if you just want to connect your personal device and blow the neighbours away as the speakers are bluetooth enabled!

2 x Turbosound iq15b 3000 watt 15" sub woofers

2 x Turbosound ix15 1000 watt 15" speakers

2 x sub mount stands for speakers

all cabling, bags and covers


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