Terms & Conditions

  • "Equipment" refers to items hired from the owner to the hirer.
  • "Hirer" encompasses any individual or entity requesting equipment hire.
  • "Owners" refers to 'JS & ES PTY LTD t/a Bondi PA Hire and Audio Visual' ABN 18 610 546 640, Bondi PA Hire, its employees, and agents. Bondi PA Hire is a subsidiary of this entity and is located at Garage 1, the rear of 266 Bronte Road, Waverley NSW 2024
  • "Terms" denotes these terms and conditions.

Ownership and Alteration of Hire Goods:

  • All hired goods remain the property of Bondi PA Hire at all times.
  • Bondi PA Hire reserves the right to alter, vary, or substitute any item without prior notice.
  • Availability of goods is subject to stock availability.
  • Bondi PA Hire retains the right to refuse service if a client is being abusive and/or overly unreasonable. The right to refuse service shall not breach any anti-discrimination laws.


  • Unless otherwise stated, all prices exclude GST.
  • Prices are applicable for a 24-hour period and do not exceed this duration.

Minimum Order Amount:

  • All hires are subject to a minimum order amount of $100.

Late Returns and Penalty Fees:

  • Penalty fees will apply for hires returned later than the standard 24-hour hire period.
  • The hirer is solely responsible for returning the goods within the agreed hire period.
  • Equipment must be returned in the condition it was hired out. All cables must be rolled, equipment must be returned to carry bags and/or cases, and the gear must be cleaned if in a dirty state. If the equipment needs to be de-prepped, packed down, or cleaned, then the labor cost for this will be taken from the security deposit.


  • Payment must be made prior to the event and at the time of confirmation of the order.
  • Payment methods include credit card or bank transfer.
  • If payment is via bank transfer, it must be completed within 24 hours of the event, with a copy of the payment receipt emailed to hire@bondipahire.com.au


  • All goods or services canceled within 24 hours of the event date or after delivery will be charged at the full rate.
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the event date commencement, but not utilized, will also be charged at the full rate, with credit given in these circumstances.
  • Any cancellations within 7 days of an event will be charged at 50% of the total rate.


  • Any claims regarding the quality of goods and/or services must be made at the time of delivery or collection.
  • No discussions will be entertained after the event has concluded.

Terms of Payment:

  • The hirer agrees to pay the owner's hire charge and any associated expenses, including a refundable security deposit that is due back upon the return of goods in good working order.
  • Hiring charges, including taxes and duties, are to be paid before equipment delivery unless specified otherwise in writing.
  • The hirer authorizes the owner to debit their credit card if payment is not made within 7 days.

Credit Card Payment:

  • A credit card fee of 1.7% - 2.2% may be charged for payment by credit card, depending on the card provided.

Termination of Hire:

  • The owner may terminate this agreement and repossess the equipment in various circumstances, including failure to pay hiring charges or breach of agreement by the hirer.

Hirer’s Obligations:

  • The hirer assumes responsibility for the equipment from delivery until return to the owner. This includes when the equipment is stored for pickup by Bondi PA Hire. If for any reason, we are delayed for a pickup, the equipment still remains the sole responsibility of the hirer and must be kept in a safe place until such time as we are able to pick up.
  • The hirer must examine the equipment upon receipt and use it safely and for its intended purpose.

Loss or Damage to Equipment:

  • The hirer must notify the owner immediately in case of loss, breakdown, or damage to the equipment.
  • The hirer is liable for repair or replacement costs, including hire charges until the equipment is replaced or repaired.

Release and Indemnity:

  • The hirer releases and indemnifies the owner against third-party claims arising from equipment hire or use.


  • The hirer must maintain appropriate insurance coverage for theft, damage, liability, property, and casualty to protect the owner and its equipment.

Price List:

  • Bondi PA Hire reserves the right to change published price lists without notice.

Delivery, Pickup, and Drop-off Terms:

  • Extra charges will apply for difficult delivery locations, stair access, setups requiring multiple personnel, or heavy items.
  • Out of hours delivery or pickup arrangements must be made in advance and may incur additional charges. If unsure, please check our delivery terms at: https://bondipahire.com.au/products/delivery

Marketing Material:

  • Email subscribers may receive marketing material, though certain promotions may not apply to corporate, wedding, or private event clients.

Operating Hours:

  • The operating hours of Bondi PA Hire do not indicate availability for drop-off or pickup. Consider return timing carefully before hire.

AGREEMENT: This Agreement governs Equipment rental by Bondi PA Hire, limiting Owner liability. By completing payment and signing, the Hirer acknowledges agreement to these terms. Hirer must be at least 18 years old, unless with legal consent from a parent or guardian.