Find answers here to the most commonly asked questions about Bondi PA Hire:

Q:  Do your Bluetooth speakers also double as a speaker that a DJ can use in their setup?

A:  Yes, our speakers have both XLR and Jack inputs to receive commonly used cables for DJ setups.  They also just happen to have Bluetooth connection if you need it too!

Q:  If I hire equipment on Saturday and return on Monday does that count as a one day hire?

A:  Yes, this counts as a one day hire... as we are closed on Sundays, we don't charge you for that day.  A Saturday pickup means a Monday return and is only charged as a one day hire.

Q:  If I need a cable or connector for my DJ setup to ensure your speakers work with my equipment, do you provide this?

A:  Yes, if we have the appropriate cable we will provide this to you at time of pickup. 

Q: Do you offer delivery as a part of your service?

A:  Yes, we offer delivery within our delivery area during our opening hours at an extra charge.  There are options for time specific and after hours delivery too at a further cost if required. 

A:  Do you provide HDMI dongles for devices when I hire a projector or TV?

Q:  We provide the HDMI cable for connection to your computer or media device but you must provide your own HDMI dongle for your device to receive this input.