Allen & Heath QU24 - 24 channel Digital audio mixer

The Allen & Heath Qu-24 combines exceptional ease of use with class-leading audio performance, featuring acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps, responsive touchscreen and 25 motor faders. With firmware v1.8, Qu-24 now also features, Automatic Mic Mixing, more monitor mixes and a Spectrogram for feedback-hunting. High contrast metallic finish controls complete the picture, offering excellent low light visibility and enhanced tactile control.

Qu-24’s AnalogiQ total recall preamps (16 local) feature an advanced padless 1dB step gain stage, closely allied to the DSP for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency. The AnalogiQ design offers superb transparency, minimal distortion and an ultra-low noise floor, with a warm, musical sound that can be missing from some digital consoles. The analogue signal is captured by high class, low latency 24bit analogue to digital converters matched to high quality 24bit digital to analogue converters to deliver the required outputs. 


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